Celebrity Workout Secrets

Jennifer Aniston

Many people are looking to get into shape and often wonder how celebrities manage to do so. While many celebs are able to hire a chef and personal trainer, these drastic steps do not need to be taken to get into great physical shape. There are many Celebrity Workout routines that are available to the general public if you know where to look. Many of the secrets of these celebrity workout routines have been revealed by personal trainers who used to be employed by the stars themselves. These trainers have broken the ranks and let the public know the tricks of the trade that keep the folks you see on television looking so desirable and attractive.

Jennifer Aniston hired a personal trainer to be with her at all times on the set of Friends. Her trainer kept a close eye on her diet and kept her motivated to avoid the unhealthy snacks that are made available to the stars in their trailers. Rumor has it that Jennifer actually was working on her buttocks in between shots in a secret location somewhere on the set. By doing lunges and leg lifts, the star was able to keep her backside looking taught and firm for the camera. Her toned arms were achieved by lifting free weights that were no heavier than 5 or 10 pounds. This coupled with daily running led to her attractive look.

Celebrity Workout Secrets

Jessica Biel

The lovely Jessica Biel did not get that desirable figure sitting on the couch and eating bonbons. Her personal trainer has revealed some of the secrets that went into her tough workout that lasted for five hours each day. Her training included her being instructed to concentrate on both cardio and strength training. She ran many miles a day and also lifted free weights in addition to working with nautilus machines. Stair jumping is another great secret of this fit star’s workout routine. Of course, even Biel herself has admitted that no workout plan would be effective without a strict diet that is adhered to without cheating. She gave up sweets and would fast on juices to lose the weight needed to fit into costumes.

Celebrity Workout Secrets

Ryan Reynolds

If you are looking to get as ripped as Ryan Reynolds then you need to eat a high protein diet and work those abs. This star used what is known as the shrink wrap effect, which reduces the range of reps in the stomach area and causes the muscles to tighten quickly and rapidly. Ryan recommends using protein shakes to ensure that the body is getting enough of what it needs to build muscles. The Green Lantern star also employed a customized routine that split his workouts into many areas while always concentrating on working the entire body. In this way the star is able to support his newly built muscle and also appear proportional and attractive. This exhaustive form of working out takes a lot of discipline and concentration but even a regular person who is not going to appear on film can accomplish it.

Taylor Lautner attending the Twilight Saga Fil...

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner is one of the best examples of a smaller guy putting on the brawn quickly. His workout concentrated mainly on lifting free weights and strength building to build muscle fast for his appearance in the Twilight series. Lautner claims that it is easier to build muscle faster if you are not particularly muscular to begin with. He also had to gain 30 pounds in order to appear as the sexy creature of the night that we saw on the silver screen.

Celebrity Exercise Routines are a great way to take control of the body quickly and without unneeded effort. The stars need to change their body shapes seemingly overnight to transform into the characters we see on television and in the movies (read another way to lose weight from this article on cnn.com. The personal trainers and diet experts they hire offer them concentrated routines and secrets to achieve these awesome results. Luckily, these secrets are now being revealed to everyone for the first time so that we can enjoy their benefits. No longer will we have to marvel at the physiques of celebrities when we can enjoy the attractive frames that they sport on our own bodies.

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