How Jennifer Aniston Stays Fit In Her 40s

If you look at Jennifer Aniston, now in her early 40’s, she embodies what it means to be in great shape. The star, best known for her role on the hit television show Friends, is one of the hottest faces with one of the most desirable figures.

A poll of Hollywood plastic surgeons conducted by the London Telegraph revealed that Aniston had some of the most sought after body parts and look. As one of the top 10 richest women in entertainment, Aniston has virtually unlimited resources to attain her fitness goals, but this does not mean that we cannot glean some healthful tips from the sexy star. In fact, Jennifer and her trainer have leaked some of what the actress engages in to keep her seductive figure.

jenniferJennifer has a personal trainer named Mady Ingber who has revealed that the star engages in a variety of athletic activity that is also coupled with a strict diet. The mainstay of ther training concentrates on cardio, as this not only tones and develops muscles but gives Aniston the strength and energy she needs to get through her taxing days.

Who Came Up With The Actual Steps In Her Workout

The routine was founded her trainer, who claims that Aniston spends a good amount of time on an elliptical trainer and then alternates this routine with some more time devoted to the treadmill.

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While working on her cardio, she engages in what is known in the fitness world as interval training. Interval training involves going hard or fast for a few minutes and then slowing down for about half that time, only to then speed up again. This routine is repeated over and over again throughout the workout. The result is that fat is burned while stamina is kept up and the heart rate is kept at a heightened but healthy count.

The Secret To The Jennifer Aniston Being In Shape

The real secret to the toned strength that we see in the figure of Jennifer Aniston comes from her commitment to Yoga. Working with Ingber, Aniston engages in yoga practice as much as three times per week. These yoga sessions can last as long as two hours and not only help to tone and strengthen the body but also work to relieve stress and increase awareness. The practice of yoga helps to connect the mind to the body and brings the practitioner to a place of awareness. This place of awareness allows the practitioner to know what their body needs through the force of intuition.

Jennifer Aniston at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival

Jennifer Aniston at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yoga has been used for centuries in the East and has been gaining steady popularity in the West for the past few decades. While yoga poses such as the butterfly pose and downward dog will help the body to become more flexible, poses like the one armed balance and crescent will help to increase overall strength, which will allow you to succeed at all the other parts workout. The best part about the Yoga aspects are that they can be done by anyone, either at home or in a class setting. There are also many videos that can help you get started. In addition to increased strength and flexibility, yoga also works on the mind of the practitioner and promotes a healthy attitude toward life.

Many feel that this healthy attitude and vibrancy contribute to the beauty that Aniston projects.

jennifer anistons workoutDiet is another crucial element of the Jennifer Aniston Workout. The star of Marley & Me has been known to follow the Zone diet. The Zone diet is somewhat similar to the Atkins diet (which is the direct opposite of the this one) but the percentage breakdown of nutrients is a bit stricter. The Zone diet that Aniston adheres to differs from the Atkins in that it allows some carbs. The diet suggests that the practitioner consumes lean proteins and fruits that are low in starch. Balance is the key in this diet and those looking to follow it seek to balance the ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates that they consume. Aniston is also a spokeswoman for Smart Water and is often seen carrying a bottle on the set and in her daily life. Smart Water contains electrolytes and is very effective in re-hydrating the body. Unlike other stars who appear in advertisements for products they do not use, Aniston seems to truly believe in the health benefits of drinking Smart Water.

Finally, it is well known in Hollywood circles that Aniston is a runner. She runs each and every day to keep her heart rate up and for piece of mind. While some have accused her of eating baby food to lose weight for roles, Aniston denies this and has claimed that running is what keeps her in shape most of all. An underlying theme in the her strategy is that the mind is as important as the body and that the health of one has a direct effect on the other. The philanthropic star concentrates on keeping both in the best condition possible.

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