Does Jessica Biel Have A Perfect Body?

Jessica Biel at the 81st Academy Awards

Jessica Biel at the 81st Academy Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jessica Biel as seen here, is widely considered as having the perfect set of buns. I mean, nobody embodies the fit and toned Hollywood look more than Jessica Biel. This has left many wondering just what she does to get the results that she has attained.

Jessica’s training differs from that of other stars in that it consists of a complete lifestyle of healthy activities rather than just hitting the gym a few times a week. Both Biel and her trainer have taken the time to reveal many of the secrets that are behind the fabulous body that Jessica sports.

jessica biel workoutOne of the most attractive parts of Biel’s physique is undoubtedly her rear end and the star has admitted that it is her favorite part of her body to work on. Her personal trainer, Jason Walsh suggests a variety of different lunges to attain a bum as fit as Jessica’s. Multi-directional lunges coupled with walking lunges are some of the main ingredients that go into achieving such a perky posterior. For the multi-directional lunges it is recommended that they are done in a clockwise motion aiming toward the four main directions. Two to four reps of walking lunges with 20 lunges per rep are recommended as well.

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Key Factors Of Her Workout Routine

A key factor in her routine, is that she would rather walk than run, so her cardio is accomplished through a variety of different exercises. She employs a combination of squat jumps and jumping jacks to get her heart rate pumping and blood flowing. She also runs in place and then mixes up the order of these exercises taking time to rest in between each. This gives the body a chance to relax as too much stress will not offer the healthy appearance that the star is able to project. One of the great secrets is that she has incorporated exercise into her daily routine and lifestyle.

Her Training Is Not Just Done In The Gym

During her off time she continues to incorporate a different version of the of her workout, which is she can often be found walking her dogs around Hollywood at a brisk pace, but the act looks more like fun than exercise. In addition, Biel engages in many fun sports such as volleyball and attends a variety of dance classes. In this way, the star avoids the discouragement and boredom that can develop with static workout routines. This aspect of fun and variety is perhaps the most important factor when considering if this is right for you. The results are not only detectable in her attractive figure but also in her face and smile as she is truly a happy individual who knows how to enjoy herself.

The star revealed to Glamour magazine that she attends a few yoga classes each week to build strength but also to remain limber and flexible. The yoga also helps to tone the muscle groups that she is targeting and has a positive effect on her overall mental health. Much the same way that Biel is certain to incorporate fun into her workouts, the yoga serves as a means for the celeb to keep in touch with herself and develop a keen concentration and peace of mind. In addition to yoga, Biel puts herself through a few weight training sessions each week with her personal trainer.

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jessica biel workoutShe uses a trainer to keep herself motivated and to prevent injury from pushing herself too much. For those of us who may not be able to afford a personal trainer, a friend or colleague can be taken to work out with for moral and physical support. This sort of sociability coupled with accountability is another great secret of the jessica biel workout.

As we said earlier, Biel has admitted that she would rather walk than run and hiking is an important aspect of her life. Hiking provides the star with a connection to nature and herself and allows her to get exercise while doing something she enjoys. The Hollywood hills are full of great hiking trails that the star likes to hit when she is not on the set. This time in the hills affords the star a chance to get in touch with herself and get away from the world. Once again, we see that mental health is as important to physical health when it comes to achieving a physique that is as attractive and seductive as hers. Her flawless skin and ever present smile can be attributed to the time she spends achieving happiness as well as toned arms and that great booty.

No discussion of the of her training would be complete without exploring the fitness concept of Plyometrics. These are exercises that are described as fast and explosive such as stair jumping and are a favorite of her personal trainer. Her diet, while not strict is loaded with healthy foods such as toast with almond butter and bowls of unsweetened oatmeal for breakfast. Fish and chicken as opposed to red meat and fruits for deserts round out the healthy lifestyle of this most beautiful and shining star.

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