Ryan Reynolds – From Skinny To Hunk

Looking for one of the best fitness routines you can use to get in shape? Well, if you have been wondering how Hollywood stars, such as Ryan Reynolds, manage to get in shape so quickly for film roles then look no further. The star of the Green Lantern has allowed his personal trainer to reveal some of the dietary and workout secrets that enabled Ryan to get ripped in such a short amount of time.

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The Man Behind The Ryan Reynolds Workout

Bobby Strom is the fitness guru behind Ryan Reynolds’ transformation from a tall and lanky actor into a literal superhero and he has been given the go ahead to reveal some of the methods that led to this miraculous transformation. While the diet and exercise routine employed was devised for the him in particular, the basics can be put to use by nearly anybody looking to get in shape fast.

ryan reynolds chest exerciseRumor has it that using the Ryan Reynolds Workout, he managed to maintain a body fat percentage of 8% during the shoot and this was reflected in the way he appeared in the Green Lantern costume. The way he achieved this was unorthodox to say the least. The first step his trainer offers to achieve these kinds of results is to actually eat more often. While this may seem counter-intuitive to many, the fact is that you have to supply your muscles with a sufficient amount of protein in order to grow and repair themselves after working out. Breakfast is an essential meal as is the consumption of carbohydrates before and after exercising. Reynolds is said to have consumed oatmeal without sugar for breakfast along with two whole eggs. He also ingested a cup of egg whites throughout the day.

Another well kept secret amongst Hollywood stars is what has become known as The Shrink Wrap Effect (see video below). What this technique does is limit the range of motion that is used during reps, which in turn helps the muscles to tighten more quickly. A ripped torso is the result of muscles that develop strength while remaining lean. Reynolds also concentrated on different aspects of his body during different routines. For example, one day he would work on his upper body and the next on his lower. This allowed each body area to recover from the workout of the previous day. Not only does this help with fatigue but actually helps to build stamina as well.

Focusing on diet is another secret that is often overlooked when attempting to emulate the his workout. While many of the best and brightest of Hollywood can afford to hire personal chefs, there is nothing keeping the average person from following in their footsteps and following some simple dietary rules. High protein is the key when trying to build muscle. Lean meat with little fat will transform into muscle quickly. This dietary plan in conjunction with a high intake of carbohydrates before and after working out will afford muscles what they need to grow. In addition, it will give the person in training the extra energy they need to continue without experiencing fatigue. Most well paid trainers will encourage their students to give up sweets and late night snacks and to satisfy and cravings and hunger pangs with high energy protein shakes. A taste for these shakes will quickly develop and soon the body and mind will be craving these rather than fattening or artery clogging deserts.

On a final note, it is important to develop a routine that works for you. Remember, this routine was customized by his trainer so that it worked for him in particular. Anyone can take on a routine that is impossible to complete but this will not yield the results they are looking for. Trainers will often point out that the psychology of a routine plays a role that is equally as important as the physical aspects. Starting slow and building up to a pace that you are comfortable with are key elements if you plan on devising a workout routine that you will be able to stick with for the long haul. After all, Reynolds did not just achieve his look and then let it go, but had to maintain it throughout the entire filming process and beyond. He needed to continue to be fit for appearances and talk shows, as well as promotions and television interviews.

ryan reynolds workout

This Will Get You Results

This amazing workout will provide the practitioner with a way to get in shape that provides the most acute visual impact. It will deliver a body that is ripped and lean and well proportioned without seeming too bulky or top heavy. All of this can be achieved without a personal chef or trainer if you are willing to follow the steps outlined by the personal trainer that helped transform Reynolds into the Green Lantern.

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