Taylor Lautner And How He Got In Shape

Taylor Lautner being in shape was a key to him being such a good fit for Jacob in Twilight New Moon. Many people have been wondering how Taylor Lautner managed to transform himself from scrawny to brawny within a year for his role as Jacob Black in the film New Moon. The Twilight Series star was able to add 30 pounds of muscle to his thin frame and now has one of the most impressive physiques in Hollywood and we can attribute it all to his dedication to working out.

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taylor lautnerWhile some would describe this sort of physical change as miraculous, there are some simple steps you can take if you wish to follow in his footsteps. Hard work and concentrated effort during workouts along with adherence to some dietary principles are what is needed to have a ripped appearance like Lautner. This workout was designed with Lautner in mind, but the methods used can be adapted to help anyone get in great physical shape.

Lautner threw his lot in with personal trainer, Jordan Yuam, owner of Jordan’s Virtual Fit Club. As Lautner was a novice at weight training, his results came quickly and were quite dramatic. One of the finest aspects of this training, is that it leads to a handsome and fit, Hollywood look rather than a bulky “muscle head” look. Of course, Lautner has a lot of time and money to devote to achieving these spectacular results but even the average person will be able to improve their physical appearance if they stick to the diet and workout plan. Yuam has pointed out that each individual has genetic potential to build muscle and holds Taylor up as living proof, since his body type before the film was not one associated with six pack abs and stunning pectorals.

His Workout Revealed

Yuam saw fit to reveal many of the secrets in an issue of Men’s Health. The New Moon star graced the cover of the issue in which his personal trainer helped to explain how they achieved the results so quickly. One of the surprising tricks that was revealed was to decrease the amount of Cardio in the workout. The reasoning behind this was that if too much weight is lost, there is not enough bulk to build into muscle. While many think that increasing Cardio is the trick, it actually just diminishes your overall strength and leaves you too tired to develop the muscle tone that you are after.

taylor lautnerAlong the same lines, Yuam has suggested that limiting the amount of time that you work on your abs will actually increase your chances of developing a six pack. This is because the abs are like any other muscle group and they need time to rest in between workouts. Taylors workout routine concentrates on abs about 3 times a week, using a variety of methods so that core strength is the result. Reverse crunches are the mainstay that led to the star’s impressive abdominal area. In addition to the crunches, Yuam instructed his student to engage in hanging leg raises that also increased the core strength of the whole body. By concentrating on the core, the entire body is then given the strength it needs to push itself further.

The Difference

Pushing oneself further is another key component in the his workout. This increase is mainly applied in the areas of nautilus and free weights. It is suggested that you increase the amount you are lifting by around 40%. Of course, it is extremely important to work with a spotter when you are increasing the weights you lift by such a drastic amount. The spotter that you use should be comfortable lifting the weight that you are working up to, so you need to find someone who is stronger and more advanced than yourself. Limit the reps you do at the increased weight and then give yourself a rest for about a week before attempting the heavier weights again. The increased weight will have a noticeable effect on the size of your muscles in a very short time. Varying the amount that you lift and the number of times you lift that amount is also a crucial piece of the Taylor Lautner workout. For instance, if you lift a certain weight for 10 reps, you can increase the weight and do 5 reps or decrease the weight and aim for 15 or 20 reps. This will help you to develop different muscle groups and the results are backed by a study done by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning.

taylors workout
Finally, Lautner gave himself time to rest which in turn allowed his muscles to grow. Taylor calls for a day off after three days of working out and restricts exercise to 5 days a week or less. This gives the different muscle groups time to repair themselves and grow. A diet that is low in fat and high in protein is the final step to achieving a body similar to the one you see on the silver screen.

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